Dwight Howard should host SNL in February

Have you ever seen Peyton Manning’s appearance on SNL. It was Saturday Night gold. One of the funniest hosts that I can remember. Eli Manning was a pretty good sport too.

As a Lakers fan, I see lots of interviews of Dwight Howard and that dude is funny. In an interview with Mike Trudell the other day he commented about how he asked D’antoni if he should hit the 2 to tie it or the 3 to win it. Mike’s response…. we are up by 15. The reported didn’t even chuckle but I was cracking up. Besides just a good sense of humor, he is good at imitating anyone around him and in quick fashion. Check out the video from Dwight on the team plane. I would like to kick it with this guy and just hear him clown. 

The Lakers play Brooklyn on February 5th and since he will be on the East Coast I would like to start a little campaign to get D12 to host SNL. It worked for Betty White. Let’s get the big man on the show. Let’s try to make it happen! Tweet @DwightHoward #D12onSNL and see if we can get it trending.

Edit: Here is another hilarious commercial starring none other than D12.

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