Ending THIS way was not exactly what this dad expected

Another parent’s response to “I Never Thought It Would End THIS Way” by Karrick Dyer

Karrick is a great writer. I read his story and then proceeded to read several other of his articles. I enjoyed his blog. To summarize, he wanted his daughter to take penalty kicks in the last soccer game of her high school career because, down 3-1, he knew she could handle it if she failed. Well done as a youth sports dad to know your kid.

Your title makes you a manager, but your people will decide if you’re a leader.


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MLB.tv floating browser Helium for Mac

I just tweeted the following to the Helium App team. They make a floating browser window for OS X that works with Netflix, Hulu, etc. Check them out here. http://heliumfloats.com/

MLB.tv didn’t work so I wanted to figure out a way.


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Running Dashing on a Mac

I am running Yosemite on my Macbook Pro and I have been running a Ubuntu VM in order to display my Dashing dashboard.

Dashing.io on Mac OSX Yosemite

The VM causes my CPU and fan to go crazy so I would prefer to just use the thin client and run it directly from my Mac.

You can install it on your own Mac by doing the following, copy and paste the following in the terminal. You might have to make sure that you have xcode command line tools are installed on your Mac first.

sudo xcode-select --install

Once the install is finished for XCode, open Xcode from Applications and accept the licensing agreement. You should be able to install Dashing with no problem

sudo gem install bundler
sudo gem install dashing

Change directory to the place you want to create your new dashboard and it’s files.


The next part will get you started with a cookie cutter install of Dashing.

dashing new dashboard
cd dashboard

bundle install
bundle update

dashing start

You can then access it via localhost. So http://localhost:3030/

I had a couple of issues when attempting to get my gems installed. I had to run the following commands to getting it working.

bundle pack
bundle install --path vendor/cache

If you would like to install additional widgets hit this page and enjoy.

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Intuit in Woodland Hills and Movember 2014

Working for Intuit has been such a positive experience that I can say without a doubt, I love my job. So far the Intuit Network has raised $30,000 dollars for the Movember cause and the company has been more than supportive as well. Here are some pictures from our latest event.


Here is a tweet from our CEO Brad Smith showing his support the cause as well!

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Widgets for iOS 8 are simple. Of course!

I converted from the iPhone to the Samsung Galaxy S3 and now back to the iPhone. I am a phone whore. I need help.

There are things that I really liked about the Android platform that iOS didn’t offer. One of those things was widgets. If you have iOS 8, you can now have widgets (more…)

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