Vizio Soundbar Volume Up and Down

My current setup in the living room consists of a Sony 60 inch LED TV, a Vizio soundbar with wireless subwoofer, and a FireTV. My cable service is provided by AT&T Uverse, in truth you will read a ton of comments or reviews saying how horrible their service is, but their TV packages are legit and … Read more

Ending THIS way was not exactly what this dad expected

Another parent’s response to “I Never Thought It Would End THIS Way” by Karrick Dyer

Karrick is a great writer. I read his story and then proceeded to read several other of his articles. I enjoyed his blog. To summarize, he wanted his daughter to take penalty kicks in the last soccer game of her high school career because, down 3-1, he knew she could handle it if she failed. Well done as a youth sports dad to know your kid.

Your title makes you a manager, but your people will decide if you’re a leader.

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